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An excerpt from my Southern Weddings Magazine feature on marriage advice:
For a marriage that’s filled with easy, everyday joy, do your best to practice kindness and gratitude. Put each other first, make each other laugh, and don’t forget to do the little things, just because. The truth is, following my first year of marriage, I’ve come to learn that it’s as simple — or, some days, as challenging — as that. Kindness and gratitude. I’ve also learned to be curious, and to keep asking questions, because you’ll learn new ways to love and understand the person who pours your coffee every morning. Invest yourself in even the smallest moments, which sometimes manage to carry the most magic.

THRESHOLD Literary Magazine

While I earned my Masters in Writing and Publishing at Chicago's DePaul University, two of my short stories were picked for publication in the school's literary magazine, Threshold. In 2010, I was also selected to read my work for the DePaul Authors series on DePaul Radio.